The Role of a Franchise Broker in the Franchise Community

Our Registered Franchise Consultants create the American dream for entrepreneurs by matching them with the best franchise opportunity


There are more than 4,000 franchise systems in the U.S. so finding the right one to invest in can be overwhelming to say the least. This is where a Registered Franchise Consultant with Business Alliance, Inc. provides valuable guidance. Franchise brokers typically come from different backgrounds, but they all share a passion for helping entrepreneurs choose the franchise opportunity that best aligns with their goals.

Because of this, franchise brokers are invaluable to franchise brands. Franchise brokers do all of the upfront work for the franchise brand, helping franchise brands sign new franchisees into their systems.

As a result, franchise systems pay handsome commissions to franchise brokers for their hard work, and with more and more franchise brands using franchise brokers to help with their development, the sky’s the limit as far as how well you can do. It’s also very rewarding work as you are creating business opportunities that help strengthen the economy.

“Many of our franchise consultants have ongoing relationships with the clients that they work with. It’s a pretty exciting process,” says BAI President, Natalie Barnes. “Definitely the most rewarding situation is working with the people who have never owned a business before. That’s when you see the most dramatic value. Where you’ve helped create an American dream for them.”

BAI is a home-based business opportunity with flexibility

BAI is a home-based business, which allows the flexibility of working at your own pace and at the level you choose. At first, your days will consist of speaking to clients in the initial stage who are requesting information about a franchise brand or getting to know our franchise clients, and as you become more and more established, your days will consist of helping your clients move through the discovery process and explore franchise opportunities. With entrepreneurship exploding right now, it’s a great time to consider joining BAI as a Registered Franchise Consultant.

“People are getting tired of that corporate culture. You are going to have certain things happen in the economy, such as the pandemic, and that is why small business ownership and the franchise model is so important and relevant in today’s world,” says Barnes. “The franchising industry is continually growing with so many new franchises entering the system every year. We have a few hundred franchise clients, and at any one time, we probably have 20 to 30 franchise clients who are in the vetting stages.”

Unlike other franchise brokerage firms, you will never have to waste time with cold calls and the long sales cycle. Our proven model ensures that you will always be speaking with people who have requested to speak to you. BAI is always looking for qualified professionals that can become great franchise brokers to join our growing network, whether it’s on a full-time basis, part-time, or in conjunction with another business.

Ready for a meaningful career?

To learn more about becoming a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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