Why Business Alliance, Inc. is so Selective in Our Recruitment Process

The leading franchise brokerage firm has high standards for who it brings on as Registered Franchise Consultants

Franchise consultants, also commonly referred to as franchise brokers, play an essential role in the franchise industry.

Often described as matchmakers, franchise consultants help entrepreneurs through the process of researching franchise opportunities, and at the same time, work with franchise brands to help meet their development goals. Franchise systems often struggle to find entrepreneurs who have the resources, skill sets, and passion to succeed in business; as a result, they pay franchise consultants handsome commissions for their efforts in vetting entrepreneurs.

Business Alliance, Inc. Franchise Broker Business people talking

To succeed as a franchise consultant requires a passion for entrepreneurship, building relationships, consultative sales, and strong communication skills. This is why Business Alliance, Inc., the nation’s premier franchise brokerage firm, is so selective in terms of who we bring on as Registered Franchise Consultants.

“We’re known for our ability to deliver results and for the quality of our Registered Franchise Consultants – and we’re very selective because of that,” says Natalie Barnes, President of BAI. “We bring franchisees to franchisors, and when a franchise agreement is executed, everyone wins. The consultant gets a very healthy commission and we get a percentage of that. We’re a performance-based model and we’re financially healthy because our success is tied to the deals that are closing.”

When determining who makes a good franchise consultant, BAI looks for certain qualities and skill sets.

“We love people with a background in business or a background in the franchise industry,” Barnes says. “We look for people who can connect with others and have the ability to form meaningful relationships. You are going to be asking people about their financials, what their goals are, and you are asking very personal questions so you can’t be an aggressive salesperson, but at the same time, you have to understand sales. A great franchise broker is a guide, a coach, mentor, and someone who understands that this is a consultative process.”

Once BAI determines that you’re qualified to become a Registered Franchise Consultant, you will receive the best training in the franchise brokerage industry. BAI is known for our best-in-class franchise consultants and we have a developed a comprehensive support platform that provides resources and tools to help with your businesses such as:

  • In-depth franchise listings
  • Effective ways to market your business
  • How to master the consultative sales process
  • Resource partners that benefit and support your business
  • And much, much more

“We take a lot of pride in the support we provide,” Barnes says. “Because we’re tied to performance, the support is critical. We have developed a curriculum that is far beyond what the rest of the industry offers and is designed to ensure our Registered Franchise Consultants excel in their businesses.”

Ready for a meaningful career?

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