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The premier franchise broker offers a path to success

Business Alliance, Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping franchise systems grow by connecting them with the best prospects for business ownership.

Our mission is to create success for franchise systems and entrepreneurs alike – and this is why we don’t charge a membership fee. Since our founding, we’ve connected thousands of entrepreneurs with the right franchise opportunities.

The reason for our success over the course of nearly 30 years in business is the direct result of our Registered Franchise Consultants, which are the most highly-trained brokers in the industry. We’re extremely selective in who we bring into our system; our careful vetting process and qualifications are designed to help us recruit the right entrepreneurs to become Registered Franchise Consultants.

Our focus on training and ongoing support means that we develop our Registered Franchise Consultants to realize their full potential, and as a result, they’re enormously effective at getting prospects across the finish line.

Our Registered Franchise Consultants are passionate about entrepreneurship – and many of them have owned businesses themselves. They know exactly what it means to take a risk and leave a career in order to start a business. This passion for business ownership combined with the world-class training that Business Alliance, Inc. creates a path for success for our Registered Franchise Consultant, and in turn, the entrepreneurs and franchise systems that we work with as well.

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