The Support at Business Alliance, Inc. is a Foundation for Success

Strict vetting process and comprehensive support are the foundation to on-going growth and success.

At Business Alliance, Inc. we are seeing a significant uptick in new franchise referrals to our franchise clients that is generating phenomenal growth. We’ve had a 299 percent increase in closed deals over last year, according to BAI Vice President Gina L. Johnson, who attributes much of our success to the support that begins the second you are approved to be a part of our highly-regarded franchise brokerage.

Franchise brokering is an attractive business opportunity for many entrepreneurs. With three decades in business, BAI stands out as one of the largest and oldest in the country and our high standards differentiate us from the competition.

“We are seeing more of our brokers with increased success and I know it has to do with the quality of these brokers,” says Johnson, who is part of our executive team overseeing the selection of our brokers and our franchise clients. “Our in-depth vetting process and the type of person we look for at BAI really sets us apart.” Combine this with the support, state of the art tools, and the vetted franchise brands are a winning combination for BAI brokers.

Our high standards for brokers also transcends to the franchise companies we work with as clients. Because of this, we are known for our high-quality brokerage network which only further establishes our relevance as an industry leader in today’s uncertain business environment.

“As we have been more selective on recruitment of brokers and franchise clients, we have seen an increase in our sales, our placements with our franchise clients. We’ve been very selective on who we have approved and by setting those higher standards we have seen double digit growth year after year and triple digit this past year,” Johnson says.

BAI is directly tied to our brokers success. We differ from other brokerage firms because we do not charge you a membership fee to be an affiliate of BAI. We also do not charge an annual or monthly fee to our franchise clients. Because of this, our training and support must be both comprehensive and ongoing. Our success is tied to the success of each affiliate and franchise client.

If selected, you invest in Business Alliance, Inc., we invest right back in you by providing the most comprehensive training and support platform in the entire franchise brokerage industry.

BAI offers a comprehensive four-phase training program

Why do hundreds of franchise brands choose to work with BAI? Our Registered Franchise Consultants are the highest trained in the industry. Our initial training takes part in four well-planned phases, with the final phase lasting six months. Training kicks off with virtual one-on-one training. where you are paired with a trainer for intensive, personalized training. Your trainer will guide you through the initial process of getting started and get you off on the right foot. Phase two is web-based and you are provided with an implementation checklist that guides you step by step as you launch your business. Phase three involves lead activation. And lastly, phase four is about collaborating and on-going learning with other brokers in monthly roundtable discussion, your trainer, and members of the BAI corporate leadership team. In fact, our leadership team is accessible to you from day one.

BAI is always looking for great franchise brokers to join our growing network, whether it’s on a full-time basis, part-time, or in conjunction with another business. If you have good people skills, are competent in business, professional, passionate about helping entrepreneurs leap into business ownership, and are willing to follow a proven system, you may be the person we are looking for!

Ready for a meaningful career?

To learn more about becoming a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation.

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