Category: Franchise

On August 8th, 2022

Franchising During Economic Recovery: Is Franchising Right For You?

Franchising through our economic recovery is tied to many factors. As a Forbes Council Member, Natalie Barnes shares some stunning statistics of employment shifts from employee to entrepreneur, as well as assumptions about franchise ownership in this Forbes article. Recovery from the peak of the pandemic in early 2020 to now dealing with financial issues ...

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On January 27th, 2021

How Do You Start a Successful Franchise Brokering Business

Brian Felderstein explains how Business Alliance, Inc. helps entrepreneurs become the best trained franchise brokers in the industry For the past 20 years, franchise industry expert Brian Felderstein has been helping people run their own franchise brokering businesses by joining Business Alliance, Inc. (BAI). The current economy and job market make now a great time ...

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