Franchise Consultants Create Opportunities and Strengthen Communities

Registered Franchise Consultants with BAI do the rewarding work of providing new pathways for entrepreneurs and fueling the economy

It’s a golden age for entrepreneurship as many working for corporate America reassessed their careers during the pandemic and started looking for a business opportunity they could call their own. Registered Franchise Consultants with Business Alliance, Inc., the nation’s premier franchise brokerage firm, have often been in business themselves and find it rewarding to build relationships with entrepreneurs as they learn about their goals, skill sets, and investment level in order to find the best franchise opportunity for them.

BAI registered franchise consultants

Great franchise brokers have an enormous impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and the economy. They help steer entrepreneurs to the right franchise investment opportunities, and as a result, help create job opportunities in communities as well as grow and strengthen franchise systems. There has never been a better time to consider franchise consulting as more people are rethinking the traditional 9-5 job and venturing out on their own. BAI stands out as the trusted network to help guide entrepreneurs towards a sound investment decision.

“People are getting tired of the corporate culture. You are going to have uncertain times impact the economy; this is why small business ownership and the franchise model are so relevant. That is why you see such growth with so many new franchises into the system every year. We have a few hundred franchise clients, and at any one time, we probably have 20 to 30 franchise clients who are in the vetting stages,” says Natalie Barnes, President of BAI.

As a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, entrepreneurs will rely on you to help them realize their dreams of financial independence. In turn, investing in BAI means you’re joining a brand that invests in great franchise brokers through robust training and ongoing support.

“Our training, recruiting, and support make us the premier company in the industry,” says BAI Director of Franchise Development, Brian Felderstein. “We always hear from franchises that of all the franchise brokerage organizations, we are their favorite because we have great franchise brokers who are high producing, easy to work with, and the best-trained.”

Entrepreneurs rely on great franchise brokers to find the right opportunity

When you join BAI as a Registered Franchise Consultant, you sign up for meaningful work and can take pride in making a difference. When you succeed in helping an entrepreneur buy a business, you are creating opportunities and helping people maximize their full potential through small business ownership. You directly impact the life of the entrepreneur, their family, and their community.

“The atmosphere of business in the world today has caused a lot of turmoil. Whenever that happens – and I’ve been in this business 20 years – people have a lot of fear. A lot of it is real; people fear getting laid off, and at a certain age, it is tougher to get another job, so they want to start businesses,” Felderstein says. “We handhold people, we coach them, and we give them opportunities that they may not have even known existed.”

BAI is always looking for great franchise brokers that are qualified to join our network. If you have good people skills, are passionate about helping entrepreneurs leap into business ownership, and are willing to follow a proven system, Business Alliance, Inc. is the right opportunity for you.

Ready for a meaningful career?

To learn more about becoming a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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