How Business Alliance, Inc. Stands Out from the Competition

Our Registered Franchise Consultants are the best trained in the industry and benefit from our performance-based model

Entrepreneurship is booming and many people are looking to leave traditional 9 to 5 corporate America and launch their own business. Franchise brokering is an attractive business opportunity and Business Alliance, Inc. stands out from competing franchise brokerage firms as one of the largest and oldest in the nation.

BAI franchise brokerage Natalie Barnes poses with four brokers at IFA event in New York City

Our reputation and tenure in business means we have developed relationships with hundreds of franchises, which translates into more potential opportunities for our franchise consultants. We also base everything on performance, so we are vested in your success. While other firms may charge a monthly membership fee, we only ask that you pay a one-time fee for training, access to our contracted franchise clients, and in-depth information with our BAI Affiliate back office for comprehensive listings, resources, and marketing material. The only time you “pay” us is when you close a deal and that’s just a percentage of your initial commission up to 10%.

“We are very selective of both the consultants we bring on board and the franchise companies we work with as clients. Because of this, we are known for our quality as a brokerage network and stay very relevant in the industry,” says BAI President, Natalie Barnes. “We are a pretty unique model as we are performance-based. When that franchise agreement is executed, that’s when everyone wins. The franchise consultant gets a very healthy commission, and we get a percentage of that. Our model of support aligns with our vision. We bring franchisees to the franchisors – and we are financially healthy because we are tied to those deals that are closing.”

The reason why hundreds of brands choose to work with BAI is because our Registered Franchise Consultants are the highest trained in the industry, aligned with our strong ethical standards, and our ability to close deals.

“Our training, recruiting, and support make us the premier company in the industry,” says BAI Director of Franchise Development, Brian Felderstein. “We always hear from franchises that we have great franchise brokers who are high producing, easy to work with, and the best-trained.”

BAI offers the most comprehensive training and support in the franchise brokerage industry

Because BAI is directly tied to our brokers’ success, our training and support must be comprehensive and ongoing. Our success is tied to the success of each affiliate and our franchise client. A new franchisee for our franchise client is a win/win for all.

When you invest in Business Alliance, Inc., we invest right back in you by providing the most comprehensive training and support platform in the entire franchise brokerage industry. We start with one-on-one training, move to web-based training and implementation, and then move on to mentoring you as you activate leads. Lastly, we believe in collaboration through our roundtable sessions. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and continuing education to help keep you on the track for success.

BAI is always looking for great franchise brokers to join our growing network, whether it’s on a full-time basis, part-time, or in conjunction with another business. If you have good people skills, are competent in business, professional, passionate about helping entrepreneurs leap into business ownership, and are willing to follow a proven system, you may be the person we are looking for!

Ready for a meaningful career?

To learn more about becoming a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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